Map and Character Control

The map is coming along quite well as well as the controlling script/camera for the character. I’m trying to add a second camera view so that you’ll be able to see the enemies as they are in relation to you. So you can move accordingly.

I have been making some “fences” (basically just pillars) to try and bind the player to the map but the script I’ve been using hasn’t really been working. Also, I tried to just make a wall there and make it not viewable when the player is playing but for some reason the player is still able to walk through it.

I am also working on how to work the enemies and spawning. I found a pretty good script but it ends after a certain number of levels and as you all know, in MiniGore it is infinite. So I’m thinking I can just loop the script somehow so that the levels would go on forever.

I also need to work in a system so that the enemies will go towards the player.

As you can tell there still needs to be a lot done to make this game but I think what I’ve accomplished so far is pretty good. If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas leave them as a comment below!


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