Map and Character Control

The map is coming along quite well as well as the controlling script/camera for the character. I’m trying to add a second camera view so that you’ll be able to see the enemies as they are in relation to you. So you can move accordingly.

I have been making some “fences” (basically just pillars) to try and bind the player to the map but the script I’ve been using hasn’t really been working. Also, I tried to just make a wall there and make it not viewable when the player is playing but for some reason the player is still able to walk through it.

I am also working on how to work the enemies and spawning. I found a pretty good script but it ends after a certain number of levels and as you all know, in MiniGore it is infinite. So I’m thinking I can just loop the script somehow so that the levels would go on forever.

I also need to work in a system so that the enemies will go towards the player.

As you can tell there still needs to be a lot done to make this game but I think what I’ve accomplished so far is pretty good. If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas leave them as a comment below!


Looking for “Promotional Artist”

The following is fromĀ

We are looking to work with an artist who can make promotional material, mainly pictures, for our game “UltraGore”. We need someone who can make awesome and eye-catching “logos”, if you will. By “logos” I mean like the header, box shot, icon, etc. These will be mostly for our page on IndieDB as well as our Facebook page (which we will eventually make).

This is an unpaid position, however when the game does come out you will be credited in the credits as well as we will add you to our official team here at Spoonfork Studios.

To Apply

Email spoonforkproductions (at) with examples of your work. Links ONLY, no attatchments!

Top 300 on IndieDB!


So yeah this happened after less than 24 hours on IndieDB! Over 100 views and we’re in the top 300! That’s crazy awesome! Here’s the first post from our IndieDB page:

“We are working on finding/making the characters and monsters for the game. As well as the terrain and mapping. We have a lot of the assets found and we are just waiting until we have the UI and AI done to start implementing them into the game. We are really excited to be working on this game, and we hope you will enjoy playing it. If you have any suggestions for the game, please let us know in a comment or PM!”

If you guys want to know more about the game, be sure to check out out on IndieDB!!

Talk soon!